Details on Who Could Take Over WWE Booking if Vince McMahon is Out

Brandon June 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/16 at 1:46 PM
Photo Credit: WWE

It’s been a wild turn of events for Vince McMahon and WWE.

The Wall Street Journal recently dropped a bombshell report of an investigation. McMahon allegedly made a secret $3 million hush pact who a former employee. Vince supposedly had an affair with the ex-employee.

WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis may also be in hot water. The report notes that Vince allegedly passed the ex-employee to Laurinaitis “like a toy.”

The investigation is being conducted by the board of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

The belief is that this could be the greatest threat to Vince McMahon’s power in WWE since the 1994 steroid trial. While Vince was facing prison time for that trial, this current situation is still serious and pressure could mount on the WWE Chairman.

During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that there are two key people to look out for should Vince McMahon actually be forced to step down.

Bruce Prichard has been described as the “number two guy” in WWE right now in terms of booking the shows. Meltzer notes that many within the company don’t believe Bruce would be able to fill Vince’s shoes due to health problems and other things.

Triple H is still in play as well. He also has had some major health issues and many wonder if he should even take on such a role if offered. Of course, his vision for NXT being dismantled has many skeptical that he’d be the first choice to take over the booking.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE is taking the “business as usual” approach for the June 17 episode of SmackDown. The WWE crew has been informed that Vince McMahon will be at the show.

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