Former WWE Employee: ‘Meetings There Are Straight Out Of A Dumb Comedy’

Brandon June 21, 2022
Updated 2022/06/21 at 10:29 PM
Photo Credit: WWE

Dan Ryckert, who worked for WWE, on podcasts and other projects recently left the company. Since his departure, he has been vocal about several things in regard to the backstage environment.

Ryckert spoke about a specific corporate meeting that he took part in while with WWE during an interview with MinnMax including the start of The New Day podcast. 

He recalled what the meetings were like, which reminded him of a dumb comedy movie. 

“But it’s more like running from meeting to meeting and kinda dealing with more of the corporate crap. These meetings and stuff, they feel like they’re straight out of a dumb comedy or something where like nobody could ever be this way. I remember for instance, so we had this business partner when I first started, before the pandemic. They would fly in these experts, these podcast marketing experts from Beverly Hills. It was always a big deal where it’s like, okay, we’re gonna have a three or four hour meeting with this company. I got pulled into this room and there’s this whole PowerPoint thing and they’re trying to think of ways to do a podcast with the New Day. The New Day, as a wrestling fan and a friend of those guys, the answer is let them talk because they are hilarious. Don’t screw with the rapport, we don’t have to overproduce this thing and put all of these segments [together] and stuff.

Ryckert continued on to detail some of the ideas that the partnering company had like using words such as “epic.” He noted that the people pitched working with Color Run for a podcast, which would’ve seen New Day doing a podcast while running in traffic. There was another pitch where New Day would play video games while doing a podcast and call it ‘Ya Boys Are Twitchin?’

Ryckert did recently admit how WWE has a culture of fear behind the scenes.

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