IMPACT Wrestling Results (6/9) – Josh Alexander Faces Joe Doering, Honor No More In Action, More

Brandon June 10, 2022
Updated 2022/06/12 at 1:15 AM
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Here’s what’s in store for tonight:

  • Josh Alexander vs. Joe Doering
  • Steve Maclin vs. PCO
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary
  • Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Frankie Kazarian & Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

Live Coverage

– The show begins and we see a video package highlighting the events of last week’s episode.

 We then see a pre-taped promo from Sami Callihan who says this is just the beginning and this is a warning to Moose.

 After the opening video package, our commentary team of Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt welcome us to tonight’s show and the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne make their way down to the ring and it’s time for our opening contest of the evening.

Tenille Dashwood (with Madison Rayne) vs. Rosemary

Dashwood tries to attack Rosemary from behind as Rayne distracts the latter from the apron but Rosemary turns around and sends Dashwood to the corner. Rosemary trips Dashwood to the mar and gets in the referee’s face before drilling Dashwood in the corner with a clothesline then an overhead slam. Rosemary goes to the apron and yells at Rayne but Dashwood uses the distraction to hit Rosemary with a middle rope neck breaker and the fight spills to the outside. Dashwood tosses Rosemary back into the ring and goes for the cover but Rosemary kicks out.

Dashwood sends Rosemary to the corner and taunts her but Rosemary locks Dashwood into the ropes with a submission. Rosemary’s forced to break the hold after the referee began a five count, Rosemary falls to the outside and Rayne clocks her with a chop to the throat and tosses her back into the ring where Dashwood goes for the cover but Rosemary lifts the shoulders. Both competitors nail each other with simultaneous clotheslines and both are down. Back on the feet, strikes are exchanged, Rosemary nails Dashwood with a lariat, then another and sends her to the corner.

Rosemary lands a corner clothesline, trips Dashwood to the mat and locks in an inverted headlock but Dashwood takes the eyes and forces the break. Dashwood kicks Rosemary in the mid section and goes for a DDT but Rosemary spins out and plants Dashwood with a German suplex. Rosemary lifts Dashwood, Rayne distracts from the apron, Rosemary shoved Dashwood into Rayne and rolls her up for the 1-2-3!

Winner – Rosemary

 After the match, Rayne and Dashwood attack Rosemary but Reina de Reinas Champion, Taya Valkyrie rushes the ring and makes the save. Rosemary and Valkyrie stare each other down and both smirk. Rosemary appears to be asking Valkyrie about a potential tag team partnership and Valkyrie looks like she’s declined the opportunity. Rosemary exits the ring looking disappointed as Valkyrie’s music hits.

 Commentary hypes up next weekend’s Slammiversary card and we head to a commercial break.

 Back from the break and we see Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson invading Mark and Jay Briscoe’s farm. Doc and Karl approach Papa Briscoe and the Briscoe’s father tells Doc and Karl to leave the farm. The Briscoe’s come driving in on a pickup truck and the brawl breaks out. Doc and Karl come out on top until Mark, Jay and Papa Briscoe chase them off with various weapons and we head to a commercial break.

 Back from the break and Gia Miller catches up with Heath, backstage. Gia asks Heath if he has any update on the condition of Rhino after Honor No More’s attack on him, last week. Heath says that Rhino’s injured and needs to have surgery and according to doctor’s it could very well be months until Rhino’s back in action, and notes that the injury could potentially be career-threatening. Heath says if it’s up to him, Honor No More won’t make it to Slammiversary and storms off.

 Back at the ringside area, Steve Maclin is making his way down to the ring and it’s time for our next match of the evening.

Steve Maclin vs. PCO

Maclin rushes PCO right as the bell rings but PCO dumps Maclin to the outside, and cracks Maclin with a rolling senton through the ropes. PCO goes up top, Maclin trips him to the floor and knocks PCO back with a dive through the ropes. PCO runs at Maclin but Maclin scoops him up and plants him on the entrance ramp with a spine buster. PCO’s mouth is busted open and we head to a commercial break.

Back from the break and PCO has control over Maclin in the corner while back in the ring. PCO clobbers Maclin with a lariat then sends Maclin to the corner and nails him with a rolling senton. PCO drags Maclin to the apron, goes up top and crashes down on Maclin with a Swanton Bomb onto the apron. PCO puts Maclin against the steel steps and tries for another senton but Maclin slides out and PCO goes flying into the steps. Maclin plants PCO with a back-body drop then sets PCO up in a tree of woe over the barricade and crushes him with a sliding elbow.

Maclin puts PCO’s right arm in the steps and kicks the steps into the ring post and PCO’s shoulder has visibly popped out of the socket. The referee calls for IMPACT medical personnel to come down to the ring but PCO quickly dispatches of all of them. Maclin drags PCO back into the ring and drills him in the mid section with a steel chair then DDT’s him into the chair and gets the three-count!

Winner – Steve Maclin

 We then see Deonna Purrazzo backstage. IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts World Champion, Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans approach ‘Tne Virtuosa’ and ask about a game plan to take out Mia Yim. Purrazzo thanks but declines Steelz and Evans’ help. Steelz and Evans walk off and Chelsea Green comes in and it appears as if Green will help in assisting Purrazzo against Yim. We then head to a commercial break.

– Back at the ringside area, Eric Young, Joe Doering and Deaner of Violent By Design make their way down to the ring and it’s time for our next contest.

Josh Alexander vs. Joe Doering (with Eric Young & Deaner)

Alexander applies a head lock to start. Doering plants Alexander with a back-body drop but Alexander doesn’t let go of the hold. Doering powers out and trips Alexander to the mat, Alexander goes for an ankle lock, Doering rolls out and Alexander drills him with a boot to the face. Doering sends Alexander to the ropes, Deaner fakes as if he’ll hit Alexander with the VBD flag which distracts Alexander long enough for Doering to attack him from behind.

Alexander sends Doering to the ropes but Doering bounces off of them and nails Alexander with a cross-body. Doering applies a chin lock, Alexander fights the hands and gets out but Doering wallops him with a forearm to the face to drop the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion to the mat. Doering reapplies the chin lock and cracks Alexander in the back with a forearm. Alexander fights back with a kick to the mid section then goes to the middle rope and nails Doering with a flying knee.

Alexander with a fireman’s carry, Doering slides out but walks into a German suplex by Alexander, then another and Alexander goes for a third but Doering grabs the rope, Eric Young hands Doering the VBD flag while Deaner distracts the referee on the apron, Alexander ducks and grabs the flag and drops Doering with it. The referee turns around and Alexander is disqualified!

Winner – Joe Doering (via DQ)

 After the match, Deaner tries to attack Alexander but the champion tosses him out, Doering retreats and Alexander calls for Young but Young thinks better of it and exits alongside the rest of VBD, who celebrate on the entrance ramp and we head to a commercial break.

 Back from the break and we see footage of IMPACT X-Division Champion, Ace Austin turning on Alex Zayne before joining the Bullet Club at NJPW Best of The Super Juniors tournament, earlier this week. It was then announced that Alex Zayne is the final entrant in the Ultimate-X match at Slammiversary.

 We then see Moose finding Sami Callihan in a warehouse. Moose beats Callihan down and Callihan’s busted open. Moose tries to exit but Callihan has the key and rakes Moose in the eyes with it and escapes while locking Moose inside and we head to a commercial break.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Frankie Kazarian & Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

Both teams get settled in to start this one off and we head to a commercial break before this one officially goes down. Back from the break and Shelley and Bennett start this one off. Bennett sends Shelley to the corner and unloads some strikes and makes the tag to Taven. Shelley kicks out and sends Taven to the opposite corner and makes the tag to Sabin, who slams Taven to the mat and goes for the cover but Taven kicks out.

Taven nails Sabin with a drop kick and taunts the crowd but Sabin comes back with a clothesline and makes the tag to Kazarian, who wallops Taven with a shoulder then a neck breaker and goes for the cover but Taven lifts the shoulders. Taven escapes to his corner and makes the tag to Edwards but Kazarian trips Edwards to the mat and tags in Sabin, who hits Edwards with a spine buster and makes the quick tag to Kazarian, who slams Taven to the mat and makes the tag to Shelley, who goes up top and nails Taven with a splash.

A brawl breaks out between all six competitors, Sabin and Shelley double team Bennett and they trade off leg drops, Kazarian and MCMG celebrate in the ring while Honor No More recover and we head to a commercial break. Back from the break and Edwards is working over Shelley while back in the ring. Edwards goes for a powerbomb but Shelley slides out. Edwards shoves Shelley aside, Shelley makes the tag to Kazarian and Kazarian clears the ring. Kazarian gets confused on who’s the legal participant for Honor No More and tries to roll up Taven but the referee tells him that Edwards is the legal man, so Kazarian rolls him up too but Edwards kicks out.

Another brawl breaks out and it’s pure chaos between all six competitors. MCMG take control over Edwards and drill the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion with an up and under but Taven comes in and dumps them both to the outside and flips over the top rope and takes out MCMG with a Swanton Bomb. Kazarian and MCMG get back in the ring and they plant Edwards with a triple team slam and Sabin, who’s now the legal man for his team, goes for the cover but Edwards kicks out. Taven attacks Sabin, everyone rushes the ring once again.

Edwards is taken out in the corner, Shelley holds Taven back, Sabin hits a destroyer on Edwards and goes for the cover but Taven shoves Shelley into the pin attempt to force the break. Taven and Shelley exchange strikes, Kazarian plants Taven with a cutter, Bennett takes out Kazarian with a German suplex, Sabin lifts Edwards, Bennett low blows Sabin as Taven distracts the referee and Edwards plants Sabin with a piledriver for the 1-2-3!

Winners – Honor No More

 After the match, Honor No More continue the attack on Kazarian and MCMG but Heath comes out and rushes the ring with a steel chair in-hand. The numbers catch up to Heath but he fends off Honor No More and takes everyone out with super kicks then cracks Edwards with a chair and a leg sweep before letting out a massive scream. Kenny King and Vincent come down to stop Heath from putting Edwards’ leg in a steel chair and Honor No More once again has the numbers advantage. Bennett and Edwards put Heath’s leg in a chair, Taven hands Edwards another chair and Honor No More take turns smashing the chair into Heath’s leg that’s locked up in another chair. Honor No More stand tall as the show goes off the air!

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