Killer Kris’s Rejected Tony Khan’s AEW Offer

Brandon June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/17 at 2:48 AM
Photo Credit: AEW

Killer Kross has confirmed the reports about having talks with AEW owner Tony Khan earlier this year about a potential debut. The former NXT champion recently had an interview with Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. He first claimed that he is open to working with anybody as long as he is genuinely interested.

Kross also confirmed the rumors of having discussed potential opportunities with Khan. He said he liked the AEW owner and mentioned how many people would have jumped on the opportunity:

“I like the guy. There’s a lot of people who upon getting that phone call would’ve just taken his money, and maybe they’re in a position where they absolutely have to.”

Though Killer Kross did not go into details of his talks with Tony Khan, claiming that “some conversations are meant to be private.” The former WWE star explained that the ideas he heard weren’t the best fit for him. He said that he is going to be honest when he feels that an idea is not suited for him.

While Kross did not reveal any details about their talks, reports that came out last month suggested that AEW did not want to bring in Scarlett Bordeaux with him. The heavyweight star felt that without his wife, his AEW debut would have been no different than how he was treated on WWE’s main roster.

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