Pat McAfee Has Possible Conflict For Major WWE Event

Brandon June 10, 2022
Updated 2022/06/10 at 2:47 AM
Photo Credit: WWE

UFC President Dana White stopped by Pat McAfee’s show on Tuesday to offer Pat a chance to host a live show around UFC’s upcoming fight in Paris, France. The date of the fight? September 3rd, the same night as WWE’s first PPV in the United Kingdom since 2003, “Clash At The Castle”.

“We’re going to Paris, France, for the first time ever,” Dana White said. “You guys should do a live show from Paris, with the UFC.”

McAfee, overtaken by enthusiasm, immediately checked with his co-host about the start of the NFL season. When his co-host informed him that football season doesn’t start until September 8th, McAfee replied, “We’re f*cking in!”

No one made any mention of the scheduled WWE event, with the NFL more on McAfee’s mind at the time. McAfee likely did not realize the scheduling conflict, but it may speak to McAfee’s priorities. McAfee has been a central figure in WWE since he first started working with the company’s NXT brand in 2018, but one wonders how much McAfee has left to accomplish in WWE outside of joining active competition.

As well as being the color commentator for “WWE SmackDown,” McAfee has wrestled in singles matches against Adam Cole at NXT TakeOver XXX, a War Games match in December of 2020, and even Austin Theory and Vince McMahon in back-to-back matches at WrestleMania, and then was stunned during a Stone Cold Steve Austin beer bash. His WWE career reads like the platonic ideal of a WWE fantasy camp.

With McAfee’s charisma and enthusiasm, he feels like a natural fit for the presentation of UFC. It would seem McAfee could write his own ticket in the future. If there’s anyone that could balance the scheduling demands of WWE, UFC, and the NFL, along with his own show, it’s McAfee.

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