Chris Jericho Speaks Kindly About Vince McMahon

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Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho was once at the top of the WWE mountain.

Chris Jericho recently appeared on AEW World Tag Team Champion Swerve Strickland’s Swerve City podcast.

During the episode, Jericho pointed out how Vince McMahon turned stars like Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns into main-eventers.

“I mean look at the difference between Drew McIntyre now, prior to the last one they had. Vince worked with him to make him a top guy, [a] top star,” said Chris Jericho. “Same with Roman. It’s completely different now than it was before he turned heel. Brock is a baby face. I can tell right now that Vince worked with him as being a babyface. You can spot it.”

Jericho has always stated that Vince has to take much of the credit for turning mid-carders into mega stars and people need to remember that.

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