AEW Star Has Neck Surgery

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That’s a serious one. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling and some of them can be very serious. Some will leave a wrestler on the shelf for a long time and can completely change the way their careers work. You never want to see something like that happen but sometimes there is no way around it. A current star is hinting that he might be in for a pretty serious injury.

AEW’s Kyle O’Reilly has posted a series of photos to his Instagram Stories suggesting that he has had neck fusion surgery. O’Reilly is shown in a hospital bed, along with a photo showing a Ford Fusion, but with the word Ford covered by the work Neck. If this is the case, O’Reilly would likely be out of action for several months if not a full year. This comes just after O’Reilly’s partner Bobby Fish’s AEW contract expired earlier this week.

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