AJ Lee Returning to the Ring

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Photo Credit: WWE

When AJ Lee retired from WWE shortly after WrestleMania 31, it was thought she would not return to the ring and she has maintained that idea for quite some time.

Now, Lee is working with WOW backstage and as a commentator. AJ, in a new interview with MMA Uncaged, revealed that she does have people in her ear trying to get her to do more in wrestling but, at least for right now, she’s happy with taking it slow.

But all of the bugs of wrestling and all those things, there are definitely many people in my ear, trying to get me to do things and we’re gonna take it slow. We’re going to start with WOW, we’re gonna start with commentating and producing, and, you know, just one step at a time.

AJ Lee To MMA Uncaged
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