Alexa Bliss on Not Holding Title in 4 Years

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Alexa Bliss hasn’t held a singles title in four years, and she’d like to change that.

In recent weeks, Bliss has been competing alongside Asuka in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament. The duo will face IYO SKY and Dakota Kai in the semi-finals on the August 29 episode of RAW.

Speaking with CricketNext, Bliss was asked whether she intends to shift her focus to chasing singles titles. She responded by saying that, while her current objective is to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Asuka, she wants to end her singles title drought.

100%,” Bliss said. “First and foremost, Asuka and I are gonna work to become women’s tag team champions, and if that doesn’t work out, 100%. It’s been four years since I’ve held an individual title, a singles title, and I think it’s been four years too long.

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