Bayley Compared To Top AEW Star For Reinventing Herself

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Photo Credit: AEW

WWE Superstar Bayley has been compared to Chris Jericho by Hall of Famer ‘Diamond’ Dallas Page for her impressive reinvention of her character.

In 2019, after years as a naturally-loved babyface, Bayley turned heel and adopted the ‘Role Model’ persona.

While speaking on DDP’s Snake Pit podcast, Page gave huge props to Bayley.

“It’s like she wrestled three weeks ago, two weeks ago. She went out there, that girl I mean, if you go all the way back to how they brought her in, you know with, like, the biggest I’m so happy to be here.

“And that was a shoot, I’m sure, to a certain degree, but that girl is going through one transit like she’s almost Chris Jericho-ish with some of her reinventions of herself, you know, and I love it.”

Chris Jericho has often been praised for being able to reinvent himself, from the fiery rockstar of his days as a face to his stoic 2008 WWE heel turn.

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