Billy Corgan Confirms Plans for Future NWA Empowerrr Event

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Last year, the National Wrestling Alliance hosted their Empowerr event, marking the first all-female show in the promotion’s history. 

The event didn’t just showcase the female talent in the NWA but also stars from AEW and AAA in a three-way crossover of the companies. 

The show was headlined by Chelsea Green going the distance in the NWA Women’s Invitational Cup Gauntlet after entering from the #1 position.

Bringing Back Empowerrr

In the year since NWA Empowerrr, the promotion has not brought back the event, but that is reportedly the plan. 

Speaking to SEScoops correspondent Steve Fall, NWA owner Billy Corgan discussed the all-female event’s future. 

“It is in the cards. In fact, I saw a headline recently that said I don’t plan on bringing back Empowerr and that is totally false… We will definitely run another Empowerrr Pay Per View. Absolutely. Hopefully next year, but it’s just one of those things where it has to be the right time.”

“We will definitely run another Empowerrr Pay Per View.”

Billy Corgan on the future of the NWA’s all-female event. 

Addressing not holding an NWA Empowerrr Pay Per View this year, Corgan said that there are currently not enough female free agents to justify doing the show.

“Look at all the people under contract with AEW and look at all the people under contract with WWE. You recognize probably 80 to 90 percent of top talent on the female side is already under contract.

NWA 74

Next weekend will mark the NWA 74 Pay Per View, which will run from August 27 to August 28.

In the interview, Corgan promised that “anything can happen” and that “history will definitely be made” next weekend. 

The Smashing Pumpkins star also spoke about the NWA reaching it’s 75th year of operation, which he described as “insane.”

Later in the interview, Corgan called next week’s two-day event as a blend of “what was, is, and will be.”

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