Billy Corgan Explains His Vision for NWA

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Billy Corgan has confidence that the NWA’s day is coming.

In an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Billy Corgan spoke about the NWA’s growth and where he hopes to get the brand.

“It sounds crazy – and I was remiss to say it then but I don’t mind saying it now. There will come a point – and it won’t come tomorrow,’ he paused. ‘I’m very pragmatic and realistic. But there will come a point where we see the NWA compete at the highest levels.”

Corgan also spoke about his vision of the NWA, noting that the current roster is a reflection of the shift in presentation. Corgan says he finally feels like his vision is being seen and that the current NWA is why he did this to begin with.

“We’ve kinda shifted now towards a more tougher, grittier product,” said Corgan. “The roster is a reflection of that – event the independent talents that we work with who work with other companies,’ he enthused. If the talent’s coming in the NWA, you start to think that’s gonna be interesting because what the NWA would do with them would be different to what they would do in other places. I think that’s a credit to those talents that they’re flexible, and at the same time it’s also credit to what we’re able to do to say, ‘This is who we are.’

“I feel like finally the vision that I had, the reason I did it, the culture of what I’ve been building, it’s finally clicking at the level that I need it to click at,” said Corgan. “I can finally point and say, look, if you like what we’re doing, I need your support, and if you don’t like what we’re doing, it’s probably not gonna change under my rule. This is kinda who we are!”

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