Booker-T Compares CM Punk Fight to His and Batista’s Fight

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Photo Credit: WWE

During the latest episode of Hall of Fame, Booker T spoke about the ongoing drama behind the scenes of AEW with CM Punk, The Elite & others.

“People can say what they wanna say about Batista and I, and the altercation him and I had back in the day. It was a serious altercation, as serious as any altercation, as serious any altercation could ever be, seriously. But there was not one day that I didn’t think that I wouldn’t work with Batista. There wasn’t a day that I ever thought like that. You know, it was like, okay, we had an altercation, it was a fight. I think I got my respect out of it. I think he realized hey man, maybe I shouldn’t talk to Booker T a certain way, and it was like water under the bridge. It was one of those type of deals, but it wasn’t like to this day, I’m holding animosity for him because him and I had an altercation. That’s where it’s different with something like [this], it’s like a personal thing.”

Booker continued.

“It’s like a personal thing to where you gotta figure out, that’s why I say it’s gonna be hard to get past it. Just listening to some of the words that were said in the press scrum, it makes me as a worker that’s on the roster feel a certain way. We gotta go to catering together, we gotta talk with each other, we gotta go over matches together. We gotta come up with ideas. You’re not gonna be doing that with listening to how he said him and Jon Moxley feel a kinship because they went through something, as well as Castagnoli. You’re not even gonna work with those guys, that’s not gonna work. You’re not just gonna be able to work with WWE guys and be happy. So that’s not gonna work, so I’m just trying to figure out where does this thing end at the end of the day.”

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