Booker T Speaks on CM Punk Returning to WWE

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Photo Credit: WWE

CM Punk’s AEW future is a major point of speculation right now, and Booker T recently weighed in on whether Punk could potentially go back to WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer worked alongside Punk on WWE Backstage and spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview, in which he was asked about Punk’s chances of returning to WWE if he is released from AEW. You can see some highlights below:

On if CM Punk would go back to WWE if he leaves AEW: “CM Punk has definitely been very polarizing as far as comments about WWE ever since he’s left. So, I think it would be hard, it would be really hard for him just to swallow his pride and go back to that, that monster, that demon that created a lot of these problems that he thinks he has. I think it would be hard on both sides.”

On Punk’s involvement with WWE Backstage: “I think FOX really wanted him there. With the ‘SmackDown’ show and FOX being a huge part of that they really wanted to see Punk back in the WWE, but I just think it was a deal that was just really, really hard to make.”

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