Braun Strowman Health Problem Leaked

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WWE had released Braun Strowman, Aleister Black, Lana, Ruby Riott, Santana Garrett, and Buddy Murphy. The reason cited was part of budget cuts, and Strowman was being paid $1.2 million per year according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The former WWE Universal Champion signed a new contract in October 2019, so the budget cut regarding Strowman is the WWE’s biggest saving financially from all of the talent cuts in the last year plus during the pandemic. Braun Strowman was fired by WWE for a very surprising reason as well.

Previously, more details regarding WWE’s decision to release Braun Strowman from his contract had been revealed. Braun Strowman’s contract played a role in him getting fired. On top of that, Braun Strowman was viewed as an ‘obsolete’ WWE Superstar and ‘two years past his prime.

Strowman made his return on last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. He then powerbombed Otis on Smackdown this week.

Speaking to NBC Sports Boston, EC3 spoke about Strowman’s return to the company.

I’m a close personal friend with Adam. Obviously, I’m super happy if he’s happy. He’s back. There’s a lot of unfinished business, I know how that motivates him. He motivated me for a long time to go back there… No, but like him going there being on that platform like his true love for what we do is to be able to give back in certain scenarios,

On Sportskeeda’s “The Wrestling Outlaws” show, EC3 shared his thoughts on Vince McMahon’s opinion of AEW.

Yeah, he cares about anything that’s probably competitive in any sense,” EC3 said. “They probably wanted to kill CYN before it starts. Welcome back, Adam! When you’re the top dog and there’s ever even a minor threat, even if it’s an anthill that you just have to stomp on… well, why would you do that? ‘It doesn’t matter if I do it or I don’t, but I know I won’t ever see these ants again. Stomp.

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