Bryan Danielson’s Opponent Named For All Out

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Who’s going to get their head kicked in?

AEW Dynamite kicked off tonight with a promo between Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia where Jericho says that he wants an apology from Garcia for shoving him last week. Before he could, Bryan Danielson made his way out to the ring and told Garcia not to do it because he is a pro-wrestler not a sports entertainer. Daniel Garcia freaked out and said he can’t do this, he can’t choose between his mentor and his idol. Garcia ended up shoving Jericho down before leaving. Bryan laughed at Jericho, causing Chris to tell Danielson that everyone says he’s the best, but he doesn’t think he really is, so, at All Out, he challenged Bryan to a match, which was accepted. Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho is official for AEW All Out.

Jericho told Bryan to watch his back at all times before suddenly, Jake Hager attacked Danielson from behind and laid him out to end the segment. Who will walk away as the best wrestler in the world at All Out? We’ll see come September 4th.

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