Changes Coming to AEW Dynamite Including Less Swearing

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Lots of rumors are swirling around about AEW and it seems they’re mostly untrue.

Early this week a independent source indicated that Warner Bros. Discovery wants AEW Dynamite changed to one hour. Then, it was reported today by Dave Meltzer that Warner wants AEW to tone down the language on TV. Well, now, Fightful’s Will Washington and Sean Ross Sapp took to Fightful Select to clear up some of the rumors after getting word from Warner Bros. Discovery source, indicating that it’s not entirely true. You can read the report below.

Fightful/Grapsody’s Will Washington has learned some significant details around the relationship between Warner Bros. Discovery and All Elite Wrestling. A source inside Warner Bros. Discovery talked to us briefly about their current relationship with AEW and noted that while they still have a significant amount of time left on their contract, AEW programming in its current form “makes no negative waves” and overall holds up their end of the deal quite well, particularly when it comes to ratings performance. Both sides talked about how pleased they were with the House of the Dragon and Shark Week integrations during AEW’s summer programming, noting how those are two of the most important properties in the Warner Bros. Discovery wheelhouse and there was a high level of trust in having AEW handle them. Regarding some of the rumors on social media about upcoming changes to AEW programming, including one about Dynamite being cut to an hour, WBD was completely unaware of the rumors while AEW officials knew of their circulation, but both assured us that they were false. It was stressed to us that the notion of the two sides having an adversarial relationship at all is not accurate, as the two sides meet frequently to discuss AEW programming. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter today noted that word had come from Warner Bros Discovery that they’d like the language toned down. AEW tells us that they believe this was a quote taken out of context from the all talent meeting on Wednesday regarding promos and talent going into business for themselves. The point was to stress that they could get network heat if they “fly too close to the sun” but we’re told this was not an edict from the network.

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Things taken out of context aren’t always as it seems. Plus, if you were worried about rumors of Dynamite changing to one hour, don’t worry, it’s not true.

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