Chris Jericho Leaks Why He Didn’t Like Working For WWE

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Photo Credit: AEW

One thing that attracts a lot of people towards AEW is the creative control the promotion offers. The company does not employ any writers and people are allowed to write their own promos. According to Chris Jericho, it’s the one thing that he hated about working for WWE.

Y2J discussed a number of different topics on the latest Talk Is Jericho. Speaking about the difference between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan, Jericho explained how Khan has a clarity to his vision. He then mentioned that in WWE, it wasn’t Vince McMahon who he hated working with:

“The one thing in WWE was, a lot of times they’re like ‘Draw me a picture.’ [I’m like] ‘What would you like a picture of Vince?’ ‘A cow.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘Ugh, Make it a horse.’ ‘Uh, Okay,’ ‘Umm make a dragon.’ ‘Oh okay.’ With Tony it’s like ‘We need a dragon.’ It might be a green dragon. It might be a red dragon. It might be a fire dragon.” said Chris Jericho, “At least we know where we’re going with it.

I loved working with Vince, and I did work with Vince, but it’s writers [that I don’t like]. Every Sunday, the writer would call you and say, ‘Here’s what you’re doing this week.’ That to me is just like, ‘I f*cking don’t like that, man. I don’t want to be told what I’m doing.’”

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