CM Punk Blasts AEW Talent at Media Scrum After AEW All Out

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Photo Credit: WWE

AEW presented All Out in Chicago, but the action didn’t stop when the pay-per-view shut off. The media scrum was also full of excitement.

During the media scrum following All Out, CM Punk started things off with a bang. The AEW World Champion was asked about his shoot promo on Hangman Page, and he really addressed the entire situation that Page dug up about Colt Cabana.

CM Punk made it clear that they are “far beyond apologies.” He gave Hangman a chance, and he handled things after Page “jeopardized this company’s first million-dollar house.” Punk also admitted that it was not ideal to “lower” himself to Hangman’s level.

Punk wasn’t done there. Later on, he said that Colt Cabana was offered money to let their issues go, but he carried on with the lawsuit. Then CM Punk brought up Hangman Page’s comments once again.

I’ll tell you what I am upset about it. If you’re an EVP you don’t try to belittle your top babyface to try to get your niche audience that’s on the internet to hate him for some made-up bullsh*t rumor. Really pissed me off. Stepping on your own dick. Trying to make money, sell tickets, fill arenas and these stupid guys think they’re in Reseda.

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