Did WWE Moral Change After Vince McMahon Departure?

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The backstage atmosphere has had a “major positive change” since Vince McMahon‘s departure according to a recent report.

PWInsider reports that the feeling of “walking on eggshells” that was prevalent in certain departments is a thing of the past. Now, there seems to be a renewed hope and pride for those working in the company.

One department that’s said to have seen one of the biggest changes is the production side of things. The change has been said to be “massively night and day.”

With the likes of Nick Khan, Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon now leading the charge, nobody is yelling at the production truck or announcers anymore since the departure of the verbally “extremely heavy-handed” Vince McMahon.

It’s also noted that Mondays and Fridays no longer feel like the worst days of the job for those working in production. Now, while days are still long and hard, nobody is walking in and out expecting some sort of “PTSD” to follow them the next day after TV.

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