EC3 Claims WWE Knew Velveteen Dream Was Recording Talent in Restrooms

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Photo Credit: WWE

Earlier this month, we reported that Velveteen Dream had violated EC3’s privacy by filming him in the bathroom in his own home.

Speaking in an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, EC3 revealed that WWE was well aware of this.

“I’m not one to share it and gossip. It was known. Talent was involved. It’s a wild tale and a lot of people did know. Even being part of it where I was kind of at the forefront of it because it was my home, taking it up the chain, being there, getting there, people sometimes don’t want the boat rocked from an office perspective. Sometimes, talent is doing well and drawing money, they’ll be protected. At the same time, I’m an adult male who does not need someone else to fight my battles. ‘This sucks. I don’t like it.’ Guys that were involved, ‘this happened.’ Ridicule from peers. No lesson was learned. Why it came up here and now, somebody asked. Nobody ever asked. I was asked about him and when it rains it pours.”

“If I truly forgive him, would I say it on a podcast, no, but somebody asked and I’m not going to lie. This was an issue that happened. The butterfly effect of it, in theory, working with him later, being concussed. Was that purposeful? It kind of ruined my run and kind of ruined my life in a sense. It put me in a bad spot because of the issues with the concussions that stemmed from it. That’s not to put the blame on it, but that’s my story and it’s the truth.”

EC3 and Velveteen Dream wrestled at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 in August of 2018.

EC3 suffered a concussion three minutes into the match.

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