Eric Bischoff Gives Tony Khan Advice

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Photo Credit: WWE

Eric Bischoff spoke on the latest installment of his 83 Weeks podcast about the issues going on behind-the-scenes in AEW since the wild brawl at ALL OUT over the weekend.

During the discussion, the former WCW Executive Vice President and WWE executive gave some advice to Tony Khan to use during the complicated time AEW is dealing with due to the issues stemming from the brawl after ALL OUT this past Sunday night.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the episode.

On advice he had for AEW President Tony Khan: “Here’s my advice to Tony Khan, lean on Chris Jericho. Lean on [William] Regal, lean heavily on them. They’re well respected. You need some respect in your roster right now. It doesn’t appear, at least from those of us on the outside looking in, like you have that. And I’ve been there and I’ve done it, fix that sh*t right away.”

On how Jericho and Regal are two amazingly experience and talented guys: “Lean on Jericho if they’d be willing to do it, but those are two really, really amazingly experienced talented guys that have the respect that can help you out, lean on them.”

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