Game Changer Wrestling yearly pass coming “very soon”

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Game Changer Wrestling owner Brett Lauderdale has signaled that a yearly pass to access all the promotion’s pay-per-views is coming soon.

GCW is the biggest independent US promotion, holding dozens of events a year, many of which are pay-per-views on Triller’s FITE TV platform.

It is known for themed events such as Joey Janela’s Spring Break, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport, Effy’s Big Gay Brunch, and the Nick Gage Invitational.

The roster consists almost entirely of independent freelancers, but the promotion also attracts established stars signed to companies that will allow their talent to appear. For example, the current GCW World Champion is Jon Moxley.

Today on Twitter, in response to a fan who said that they couldn’t afford to buy all the PPVs but would buy a yearly pass, Lauderdale responded by saying: “This is coming soon. Very soon.”

In June this year, Lauderdale said:

Our focus has not been finding another network to air our stuff. It’s been, you know, ultimately creating our own network, and creating our own platform where we can cut out a middleman so to speak if possible, and be able to take advantage of our library.

Brett Lauderdale
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