Jon Moxley & Nick Gage Have Intense Moment At GCW & Black Label Pro

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Jon Moxley loves to fight, and there’s no better man to do it in the ring. He is ready to issue a challenge he sees fit. The AEW Champion showed up at GCW & Black Label Pro 4 Cups Stuffed to confront his challenger before their Title vs Career match on October 8th.

Moxley discussed how he won The Art of War Games event in September 2021. He talked about his admiration for Gage and took the time to say that if GCW is Gage’s life, then post-match, Nick’s life will be over.

Nick clarified that Moxley will have to kill him to beat him. He said it will either be his life or the title, and there’s nothing in between that will stop him. The war of words stopped at this juncture, but it hyped the fans for their upcoming bout next month.

AEW Champion Jon Moxley will defend his title against CM Punk at AEW All Out on September 4th. The match will determine the face of the company, and one can expect everything to go down the wire.

The two have left no stone unturned to make it a can’t-miss contest. Whether Mox wins or Punk, the fans will be the ultimate winners.

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