Kenny Omega Offends AEW Locker Room with Speech

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Photo Credit: AEW

That’s certainly something to say. AEW’s locker room is in a bit of a state at the moment and that is the kind of thing you do not want to see happen very often. The company is having some issues with its wrestlers and its leadership, which has been going on for more than awhile now. One of the company’s leaders tried to help things out with it not that long ago, but some of the details might not have been so well received.

Back on August 24, AEW held a talent meeting before Dynamite. Several veterans spoke at the meeting, including Kenny Omega. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Omega took more of a “tough love” approach, including a statement that he would not have hired eight out of the ten wrestlers present. Omega was said to be joking with Will Ospreay when he said this, but the comment was taken seriously by others, who were reportedly upset. He went on to say that the locker room energy was different than when AEW began, which was suggested as Omega wanting to return to the old style.

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