Madcap Moss Wants to Play Role in Major On-Going Storyline

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Photo Credit: WWE

A lot of people have tried and failed to take out The Bloodline, and Madcap Moss would like to have his turn at trying. Moss was a guest on Busted Open Radio on Thursday and talked about how he would like to get a shot at knocking the stable off their perch as the top force in WWE, noting that while he has respect for them, “nothing lasts forever” and he would love to play a role in their fall.

“I think we have the Bloodline, we have Roman Reigns who is just on this unbelievable run,” he said. “And I have so much respect for him, I mentioned him earlier. The way he performs, he says he’s in God Mode and it’s hard to disagree.”

He continued, “At the end of the day, someone needs to knock The Bloodline off. Nothing lasts forever. And in some form or fashion, I would love for Madcap Moss to play a role in that. And that, I think is where my attention is right now. My future goal when I look down the line, I’m focused on the day-to-day of course. But when we’re talking about ‘The Sky’s the Limit,’ they are the sky, the Bloodline. So I would love to see that, and I think the WWE Universe would too.”

Reigns is coming off another PPV win as he defeated Drew McIntyre to retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash in the Castle last Saturday. It remains to be seen who is next for him.

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