Matt Cardona On In-Ring Return At NWA 74

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Matt Cardona says he thinks he’s ready to return to the ring at NWA 74.

The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship tore his bicep during a match against Blake Christian at GCW Downward Spiral in May. He has been sidelined ever since, and while he was initially expected to be out between three and five months, the former champion is coming back ahead of schedule.

In an interview with Slam Wrestling, Cardona noted that, as a free agent, he can personally clear himself to compete. He admitted that waiting for the next NWA pay-per-view, but he didn’t want to miss another one after he was unable to compete at NWA Alwayz Ready, a show that was named after him.

“One great thing about being a free agent is that there’s no one that has to clear me,” Cardona said. “I’m going to clear myself, you know. I think I’m ready for NWA 74. Maybe the smart move would be to wait and do the next NWA PPV in November, but I already missed my own damn PPV Alwayz Ready. I wasn’t going to miss another one.”

“The Deathmatch King” also made it clear that he just wants to wrestle, as that’s what he’s truly passionate about.

“I want to be in that ring,” Cardona said. “It’s great to come out and manage Chelsea [Green] or talk trash or sign autographs, but I signed up for this business to wrestle, not to sign autographs.”

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