More Details About Malakai Black and AEW

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Photo Credit: AEW

More to it. One of the biggest and most interesting stories of the week is Malakai Black reportedly being unhappy with his place in AEW. While there have been mixed accounts of where Black is with AEW, there is the question of what Black is doing and what might be going on. We now know a bit more about the situation, but there is still a major detail missing.

According to, Black is currently dealing with a major personal situation that is affecting him, to the point where Black is considering a long, if not permanent, break from wrestling. There is no word on whether Black will actually take such a break or what it will mean for his AEW career. Black is scheduled to compete in a six man tag with the rest of the House of Black vs. Sting/Miro/Darby Allin at All Out on Sunday.

Opinion: This is a story that seems to be going all over the place but now we might have a bit of a better idea of what is going on. I’m not sure what is going on with Black and it is a personal situation, but now the question becomes what happens to his wrestling career. Either way, hopefully whatever is going on works itself out and things get better, which is more important than wrestling at the moment.

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