More Details On End Of NXT UK, Plans For NXT Europe, More

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With so many appearances from NXT UK Superstars on this past episode of NXT 2.0, it has led to a lot of speculation that the UK brand could be nearing its end. Numerous NXT UK releases have all but confirmed such rumors over the last 24 hours.

So what is next? The launch of NXT Europe, it seems, and the end of the UK brand. Pwinsider is reporting that NXT UK is “taking a step back to take a step forward.” Next year will see the launch of NXT Europe, and the shuttering of NXT UK is in anticipation for what looms on the horizon. The brand will have a local staff and there are said to be plans to tour in the area eventually.

The door to return is open for the recently released talent if they’d like to come back when the time is right. In the meantime, it didn’t make sense to keep that talent under contract with the brand going on such a long hiatus. Most of the talents have a 30-45 day time period before they can go somewhere else, except for local independents.

Many are wondering if Triple H is planning to move forward with an international Performance Center and international NXT companies in other countries. This was the plan for WWE before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Shawn Michaels, who is the Vice President of Talent Development and Creative, was actually given that title two years ago.

There is some backstage talk about recent changes that Triple H, Nick Khan, Stephanie McMahon and others will be making now that administrators backstage have changed. There’s been a lot of talk of hiring new wrestlers and staff, particularly from the Black and Gold era of NXT. One person said it was a “hiring spree,” but another said that term was “way too dramatic.” There have been attempts to confirm the contract status of those in other companies, so WWE knows when they might be available to come back.

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