Nick Jackson Hit in the Eye During Fight After AEW All Out 2022

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Photo Credit: AEW

CM Punk made headlines by winning the AEW World Title at All Out, but he didn’t stop there. After dropping another pipe bomb during the media scrum, chaos broke out afterward.

The Wrestling Observer revealed additional details about the incident. As Ringside News exclusively reported, CM Punk was the aggressor, and Ace Steel was a part of the action as well. This ordeal also divided the AEW locker room, with most siding against Punk.

It was reported that Punk swung first at Matt Jackson. Then Ace Steel threw a chair and hit Nick Jackson in the eye. Steel also bit Omega and grabbed his hair during the melee.

According to multiple sources that lined up with some of the previous reporting, there was a fight backstage afterward with Punk allegedly starting things by swinging fists at the Bucks’ Matt Jackson. Punk trainer/friend and AEW producer Steel (part of the storyline that got Punk into Sunday’s Jon Moxley match) threw a chair that hit the Bucks’ Nick Jackson in the eye. Steel (Chris Guy) allegedly bit Omega and grabbed his hair.

It was noted that, as of this writing, nobody has commented on the possibility of legal ramifications after this incident. Obviously, Tony Khan needs to do something about this situation, and this is why Omega and the Young Bucks threatened to walk out of the company.

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