NWA Holds Talent Meeting

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It was reported last month that AEW held a talent-wide meeting prior to an episode of Dynamite, to discuss and address reports of wrestlers being frustrated.

The meeting, led by Tony Khan, also saw Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone speak about the roster, Khan, and allegations of contract tampering by WWE.

PW Insider reports that NWA also recently hosted a talent-wide meeting to discuss issues within the promotion.

The Meeting

The meeting got off to a rocky start, as due to a production meeting running late, the time for the talent-wide meeting was also delayed.

Jay Bradley and Sal Rinauro acted as if they were running the meeting and were in charge, which some initially thought was a rib.

Others took offense that the two took it on themselves to begin the meeting, as veteran wrestlers including Bully Ray, Jazz and Homicide were present, and seen as far more ‘deserving’ to speak.

It has been reported that some wrestlers walked out once they “realized” Bradley and Rinauro had “called for the meeting” as well but that has not been confirmed.

It was clarified that Bradley and Rinauro did not call the meeting, which “ruffled some feathers” with talent.

Clean Up

After the meeting, Luke Hawx spoke about having respect for the locker room, and made it clear that people need to clean up after themselves.

Hawx said that while people are asked to tidy after themselves, others have been left to spend time cleaning up food and others items after events are completed.

He pointed out that Billy Corgan is investing a lot of money in the NWA and the roster, and the least they can do is show the locker room common respect.

Hawx was said to be in “that realm so certainly, some of that may have turned off others but we were told his heart was in the right place.”

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