Plans for WWE Edge Prior to 2011 Retirement

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New details have emerged about WWE storyline plans for Edge before his heartbreaking retirement in April 2011.

The Rated R Superstar’s career was cut short abruptly over a decade ago after he was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis. In an emotional address to the WWE Universe (seen below), Edge said doctors warned him he risked paralysis or even death should he continue wrestling.

The Toronto native never gave up on his dream to wrestle again. Nine years after stepping away from the ring, he made a shocking return to WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble.

With Edge pondering retirement once again, this time on his own terms, we’ve now learned about a major angle WWE creative had in store for him in 2011.

Plans for Edge before 2011 Retirement

On the latest episode of his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. shared a storyline he wrote for Edge that wound up getting scrapped.

“I actually wrote the story for Edge that he ended up having to pull out of because he retired. We wrote this whole thing where, and it was creepy because it was kind of actually what happened to him.”

“He wanted to get the belt on Christian, and Christian was gonna turn on Edge. [He was going to] just for weeks, smash him. It was going to be like when Dave Chappelle spoofed Sesame Street. He was going to do something like that, and they were gonna spell the word spine and what each letter stood for. Just mock what he did to this dude’s neck. It was this whole thing.”

“Then Edge ends up actually hurting his neck. He couldn’t do the story. So they just wrapped it around Alberto Del Rio. [Christian] ended up getting [the title] for a day.”

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