Ric Flair Comments on CM Punk Shoot

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Photo Credit: WWE

Different people have different opinions on CM Punk‘s post All Out media scrum rant. There are many who believe that Punk was in the wrong. There are some others like Ric Flair who seem to support the former WWE star.

The 16-time world champion talked about the whole debacle on his To Be The Man podcast. He first mentioned how Punk is giving a lot of entertainment to fans.

Ric Flair then commented on the Straight Edge Star telling people to come and find him in his locker room. The wrestling veteran explained that it’s the old-school way of doing things and he loves it:

“He’s creating excitement now, and if he’s not afraid to say it…. I like the way he said I’ll walk down the hall and be ready.

That’s Harley Race talking right there. I don’t if he’s that tough but [laughs] I love it.” said Ric Flair, “That’s old-time stuff right there, it is. You got a problem with me, you can find me, right there in the building,”

The 2-time WWE Hall of Famer noted how he doesn’t know The Elite all that well and they have seemed easy to get along with in the limited encounter they have had.

However, Flair reiterated that what Punk did was showing courage. If he feels so strongly about someone then Ric doesn’t blame him for calling them out.

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