Roman Reigns New WWE Contract Details

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Roman Reigns has revealed some details of his new WWE contract.

Reigns inked a new deal with WWE back in May, which would see the current Undisputed WWE Champion work less days. Now, Reigns only appears every other week or so on WWE television, and even misses out on some of the lesser priority Premium Events.

Recently, “The Tribal Chief” appeared on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, where he divulged a bit more about his WWE deal, explaining his new schedule.

“So the main thing is, no, we’re not gonna be on every single pay-per-view but anything that I am on which of course will be all the major ones and then a couple of the other ones, you know, that kind of fall in between the big four and the Saudis.

“I’ll always support those with TVs to build the story and the rivalry going forward so, it’s not like — compared to what I did, I guess, yeah, you could say technically, that’s, compared to a full-time, taking on everything, you only get a day-and-a-half-a-week.

“Yeah, I guess it’s a part-time compared to what I usually run but, I’m an annual character on WWE television.”

Currently, Reigns is enjoying a prosperous run as the head of The Bloodline alongside Paul Heyman and The Usos. The Usos hold both the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Titles, while Reigns is the WWE and Universal Champion.

At the moment, Reigns is locked in a feud with Drew McIntyre, who he’ll put his titles up for grabs against next. The pair will headline the Clash At The Castle event on September 3 from Cardiff, Wales.

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