Roman Reigns Tells Logan Paul: “Leave Pro Wrestling To People Like Me”

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Logan Paul might have bitten off more than he can chew with this one because his Crown Jewel opponent Roman Reigns has fired some shots at the Youtube star turned WWE superstar.

Making his way around the press, the “Tribal Chief” and Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns had some words regarding Paul in a recent interview, and he’s not exactly fond of the YouTube star – and that’s being nice.

On Saturday, Paul “Triple H” Levesque hosted a special press conference in Las Vegas, which would eventually lead to the official announcement for WWE’s Crown Jewel main event between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul, set for November 5th in Saudi Arabia.

One of Paul’s Youtube videos attracted a lot of attention in 2017 for reasons that nobody would be proud of. Paul did a ‘Tokyo Adventures’ series where he visited a place called Aokigahara, a forest well-known for people to hang themselves. While he was there, Paul posted a video that showed the body of a guy that hung himself in the forest. It led to major backlash against Paul where he was criticized heavily by people that followed his work, celebrities like The Rock and others who cut ties with Logan for it. Paul has apologized for the video, but the scandal is still something he is remembered for.

Reigns would appear on SecondsOut to have a conversation with Radio Rahim, and the “Big Dog” was quite blunt about how he felt about “The Maverick,” saying that he has no tolerance whatsoever for any disrespect that comes from Paul while also appearing to take a shot at Paul for “doing God knows what” with his life. Reigns called out out Paul for his lack of respect for other WWE stars and having no passion for the professional wrestling business.

“It’s just ignorance, man. It’s fine from afar but when I was sitting on the same stage and I hear some of that dumb s**t spewed out, of course it’s going to anger me.”

The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion didn’t stop there, saying that he had no idea who Logan Paul was before he got to WWE, and speaking of Paul in the company, Reigns said that the social media sensation would be better off just making YouTube videos – that the ring was no place for him.

Before he came here, no disrespect, didn’t know who he was. I’m not a 15-year-old little girl. So I don’t have any problems with him not watching me because he was busy doing what he does and that’s videotaping himself doing God knows what.”

“So go videotape yourself doing God knows what and leave the true professionalism, the sports entertainment, the professional wrestling to people like me.

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