Ron McDonald On How Relationship With Brett Lauderdale Fell Apart, Details His Claims Of Making Fake COVID Tests For GCW

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Ron McDonald made some hefty claims against GCW and Brett Lauderdale when he claimed he made fake COVID tests for the promotion, and he recently talked about his allegations. As you may recall, McDonald made the claims back in May that he had several false COIVD tests made for Lauderdale in order to allow talent to perform, which Lauderdale or to directly address due to legal implications. Lauderdale did say that McDonald was “throwing a lot of s**t against the wall” in trying to disparage him and said:

” I’ve talked to people from a legal aspect that have advised me to approach it a certain way so I don’t want to give too much credence to this, you know what I mean? Other than to say I’m proud of my record during COVID and the pandemic. The proof is in the pudding [it’s] pretty public everything we did so I’ll leave it at that.”

McDonald spoke with Piers Austin recently for an interview and discussed how his relationship with Lauderdale broke down, why he made the allegations and more. You can see highlights below, per POST Wrestling:

On his history with GCW: “Whole story, I helped Brett Lauderdale and GCW get their first venue here in L.A. I believe in 2018 when they did their first show in L.A. in that big warehouse where all the walls were white. I facilitated getting that. Why? Because I wanted to help Game Changer Wrestling build a market, not only in Los Angeles but also San Diego because I know that would benefit me. Fast forward, I do five co-promoted events with them where I help with flights, help bring their guys out, got ‘em booked down here in San Diego. Even on shows where I barely made money. Why? Again, I’m helping them build a market out here in L.A. and in San Diego so they can have a double shot out here. Otherwise, he’s flying all these guys out here for one show and they’re dipping back.”

On his relationship with Brett Lauderdale falling apart: “So I do this co-promoted show with him September last year and basically there was a trade where he was already, like I said, flying his guys here and back. So I said, ‘Hey, could you pay for the flights? I will pay for the live stream and we’ll put it on the GCW YouTube page.’ That was the deal, he said yes. We got like 25,000 people watching that sh*t live because it’s free on the GCW YouTube page. So, anyway, that’s what it was. So then I brought his guys back here in December and all of a sudden, I got wrestlers from GCW saying that Brett says I’m cheap, Brett saying that I’m trying to get one over on him. I’m hearing this from some of the boys and I’m like, where the f**k is this coming from? Nick Gage is my friend, and I’m like, ‘Nick, where is this coming from?’ And you know, Nick didn’t really have too much of an opinion but like, some of my boys. Some of the boys might be, you know, not in first gear, not in third gear, I’ll let you fill in the blanks. Out here whispering to me about how a bunch of s**t is being talked about me so I’m like, what the f**k? So, blah, blah, blah, that happens. I’m like, I ain’t f**king — I ain’t worried about this guy anymore. There’s no reason to.”

On the situation coming to a head in May:“Then, this is December last year so then we get to May of this year and his L.A. Fights shows, he [Lauderdale] uses a lot of the same guys that I do and this is the third time in like four months that he would hit up guys I had booked for months. Hit them up the night before his show and go, ‘Hey, come do my show’ and they would cancel their booking on me which is, you know, s**t happens. But eventually, I got tired of it and I was like, ‘All right man. How does this not feel personal? Now a bunch of your boys are telling me that rumors are going around that I’m cheap, that I’m trying to get one over or some s**t’ which is, again, I have no idea where that’s coming from. ‘You know who I got booked on my shows and you’re taking them and asking them to be on your shows’ and they’re taking it, you know? I can’t be mad at them. It’s an opportunity to wrestle in front of 40 people at an L.A. Fights show to 17 people watching a live stream. It’s an opportunity, let me tell ya’.”

On his allegations of faking COVID tests: “So, I got pissed off and I was like, you know what? f**k this motherf**ker. I got dirt. I got dirt on this motherf**ker. You know what? And I don’t give a s**t because the promoter code, you don’t do that s**t. You don’t book other people’s dudes. So, here’s what I knew and here’s the first time I’m telling anybody exactly what the f**k happened. Okay, I was at a show, October 2020, at this ranch in Orange County out here in California. There was a GCW show. I brought Sabu in to do these podcasts I did with him. So Brett was like, ‘Oh, can I use Sabu?’ Brett didn’t give me no f**king money for a flight, didn’t give me no money for a hotel. I paid for all that s**t for Sabu, all right?

“Anyway, so, I’m at that show and I have somebody with me in my crew, okay, that is a photoshop genius. So, I find out at the show that Brett said aloud, ‘Hey, does anybody know how to do photoshop?’ And the person in my crew said, ‘I’m a f**king gangster at that s**t.’ So unbeknownst to me, Brett has this person make these things, whatever. I find out about it, right? And I’m like… okay and here’s what I know for a fact, I know whatever wrestlers did in fact have fake COVID tests made for them, they didn’t have them made for them. Brett, unbeknownst to those wrestlers had them made because those wrestlers didn’t have them and instead of not booking these wrestlers he had already flown out there, Brett took it upon himself to do some shady ass s**t and get somebody to do that. That person, I know. I know that person. I have no idea how to do photoshop. I’ve never made no f**king nothing, nothing. So, I knew all this s**t and when Brett needed that again, Brett hit me up because he doesn’t have a direct connection to this person. Ah, you know, so I made that connection again for Brett. Again, never made an anything, never touched a photoshop file a day in my life.”

On if he spoke to a lawyer before going public with the allegations: “f**k no… I incriminated myself. Nobody’s coming after that s**t. I didn’t give a f**k. I didn’t give a f**k. Have you smoked weed somewhere where you don’t supposed to smoke weed? Have you ever jaywalked? f**k yeah. We break the rules all the time… After the fact, I did talk to a couple of my friend-lawyers and they were like, ‘If somebody comes after you for that, I’ll give you a million dollars.’ Nobody’s coming after me. Nobody is, okay? Nobody is and you know what? You know who doesn’t want anybody to come out about this more than anybody? Brett Lauderdale.

“It’s dead. Nobody gave a s**t. He said nothing. Joey Janela and a couple other of his f**king little butt boys came out and said, ‘Oh, he never did that for me.’ Hey, hmm, well, all those documents I put out, why didn’t anybody ask any of those guys? But here’s the thing, I’m telling you right now, it’s a fact. None of those wrestlers knew fake COVID tests were being made for ‘em. None of ‘em, none of ‘em. Brett did it by himself, you see what I’m saying? Brett was like, yo, I need this show to happen. I flew these guys in, I need to do something. ‘Who knows how to do photoshop? Hey guys, don’t worry about it. You’re on the show.’ Why are they gonna ask? They ain’t gonna ask what’s going on.”

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