Sammy Guevara Wanted To Be Thrown Off Cage During Blood And Guts 1

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Sammy Guevara wanted to be thrown off the cage the first time around in Blood And Guts.

During the first Blood and Guts match, Chris Jericho was thrown from the top of the structure. This was something that Sammy Guevara had hoped would be a spot he could do in the match. Guevara would get his chance again in Blood and Guts 2 when Kingston tossed him from the top.

During a Highspots Sign It Live, Guevara said he wanted to come off the top of the cage in both matches.

I did try to get thrown off the cage in the first one though, CJ was taking it. In the second one, Chris texted me and said, ‘We can do whatever you want this year,” and, we saw what happened”

Sammy Guevara on Highspots Sign It Live
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