The Truth Behind Brock Lesnar Walking Out of WWE

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Vince McMahon announced his retirement on July 22, 2022, stepping down from WWE after about 40 years. That night, WWE put on their normal edition of “Friday Night SmackDown,” however, between the time the announcement came out and “SmackDown” happened, drama went down backstage. Triple H, who has taken over as Head of Creative, confirmed rumors regarding Brock Lesnar walking out of “SmackDown.”

“There is some truth to it,” 14-time WWE World Champion Triple H said on “BT Sport.” “Vince is the devil [Lesnar] knows and Brock is inherently not a trusting person. It’s just how he is, he doesn’t like people … I think in that moment where you just hear, ‘Vince is out.’ ‘Now what’s going to happen? I’m out of here,’ you know what I mean? … We have conversations and, you know, [Lesnar] comes back.”

“I have a great relationship with Brock,” Triple H said. “Have we had issues over the [years] because, because at a certain point in time he was a talent, I was a talent? Talent all get along to some degree and there’s also a very real rivalry between all of them … I’m sure there is some level of mistrust or those things … When he wants something he calls Vince directly.” Triple H discussed Lesnar returning to “Smackdown” that night. “He and Vince weren’t getting along when he first came back just from past stuff and then over time, he rekindles his relationship with Vince … It’s just a different time now … He, you know, digested it a little bit, came back to the building, we did business that night, we had long conversations about where we were going and, you know, he liked what he heard.”

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