Tony Khan has a New Right-Hand Man

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Photo Credit: AEW

Tony Khan probably isn’t a very happy man right now, but what I’ve learned from songs is that it’s important to get by with a little help from your friends.

Having to deal with your top champion having physical fights with your Executive Vice Presidents backstage can’t be easy, so it seems Tony Khan has turned to Tony Schiavone for help.

Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN is reporting Schiavone is now Tony’s “right-hand man”. Muehlhausen tweeted:

Sources: Not formally an update but news on Tony Khan. Hes really leaned on Tony Schiavone and been told hes now Khan’s “right-hand man”. Schiavone knows all about chaos when he was in WCW and should be a great person to lean on and be a sounding board on Punk/Elite altercation

AEW announced last month that Schiavone had been promoted to AEW’s ‘Senior Producer and Special Advisor to Talent’ in the talent relations department.

As Steven mentions in his tweet, Tony Schiavone is no stranger to backstage issues and working for a company in turmoil, so perhaps he’s perfectly placed to help Khan through this tumultuous period.

The latest reports regarding the backstage fight following this past weekend’s backstage fight are that several unnamed people may have been suspended, and there is a feeling from some that CM Punk could be fired.

In other words, it’s been a week where Tony will need a lot of help.

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