Tony Khan Speaks on WWE and AEW Under New WWE Direction

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Photo Credit: AEW

Things are about to get tense when it comes to talent acquisition in WWE and AEW.

That’s what Tony Khan thinks.

The AEW and ROH President recently spoke with NBC Sports Chicago for an in-depth interview prior to the AEW ALL OUT pay-per-view this past weekend, as well as other AEW programming.

During the appearance, Khan spoke about some of the ways WWE and AEW are about to become similar now that Paul “Triple H” Levesque is essentially in charge behind-the-scenes in WWE, as well as his belief that competition is healthy for business.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview where he touches on these topics with his thoughts.

On ways WWE and AEW are about to become similar when it comes to talent acquisition:“Well, it’s interesting. I do think probably in terms of the two companies having a more similar philosophy about signing talent, I do think our philosophies are probably closer about who we would want to sign. So, for free agency, it could be probably a more competitive market in that sense.”

On his feeling that competition is healthy for business: “There’s definitely a lot of competition,. I don’t think we’re best friends or anything like that, and again people in the wrestling business not liking each other, but competing is probably a good thing.”

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