Tony Khan Swears at WWE

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Tony Khan was one of many names during Sunday’s post-AEW All Out media scrum with something noteworthy to say, his comments directed at WWE.

In regards to being asked about a WWE collaboration with AEW in the future, Khan said:

“I’m not feeling the same love, I don’t want to get into it but you know. I haven’t felt the same reciprocation that I have for them.”

During the scrum he also made reference to All Out as being the “third show” of this past weekend, referencing WWE’s premium live event, Clash at the Castle which took place on Saturday as well as the NXT premium live event, Worlds Collide earlier on Sunday. Khan said:

“When I talk about things I’m not thrilled about, I was a little surprised that we were the third professional wrestling show this weekend and it’s probably a little bit more challenging in the marketplace when it becomes a little more crowded.

“This is kind of a first for AEW this kind of crowded marketplace, I’m not sure if this is what we’ll see from now on but if it is, when the fight is brought I will continue bringing fights of my own and I have unique ways to do that.

“A lot of money to fight with and this is not the game to me. This is my life and I don’t think its a joke and I take it really seriously and yeah, so I’m really happy with the numbers we did with the competition we had.”

He also made comment on comparing AEW to Jim Crockett Promotions: 

“When I compared myself to Jim Crockett Promotions this weekend I think I got a little taste of what Jim Crockett felt but I have a lot more f******g money than Jim Crockett did and I’m serious, I’m not going to sit back and take this s**t.

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