Triple H Changes WWE Match Rules

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Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H recently changed multiple old WWE rules of Vince McMahon, including use of Vince’s banned words, giving some wrestlers their first names back and WWE Superstars mentioning AEW on social media.

Now, Triple H is changing some of the match rules as well.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported about it:

“There were a few interesting notes during the show on changes in unspoken WWE rules.

While never spoken of, WWE producers for years were told one of the secret rules is that an illegal person can’t successfully attack a legal person in a tag match without it being a DQ.

You could do the five-second double-team spot, but if the illegal person attacked the legal person, it had to be with the referee down.

In addition, what was a trope in WWE major matches 20 years ago, the pin spot where the face has it won but someone from outside the ring pulls the ref out of the ring at the count of two, breaking up the pin in a singles match, was barred by Vince McMahon because it makes no sense.

But Paul Levesque has brought the spot back, and debuted Solo Sikoa with it, pulling the ref out of the ring at two after McIntyre hit the Claymore kick just before the main event finish.”

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