Triple H Heavily Cross Promoting NXT

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Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H was handed the role as the top person in charge of WWE Creative after Vince McMahon had to retire. This was a dream come true for many, and it is evident that Triple H is making changes already.

The King Of Kings is more than aware of what fans actually want, and he has already made huge changes to the product to please them. This includes changing the overall feel of the shows, unbanning words and more.

In fact, he has given more emphasis on NXT as well. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Triple H is using his position to cross-promote NXT. This is something that Vince McMahon didn’t do very well at all.

The best thing about Vince being gone, Hunter’s not screwing with himself. He’s trying to use the main roster to create more interest in NXT. With Vince, they were going back on all shows but not much on NXT. Now it’ll be with all shows. It’s a good thing for NXT to have their champion on the main roster.

Dolph Ziggler also believes Triple H is a great fit as the Creative Head for WWE. We will have to wait and see just how much NXT will flourish under Triple H’s care.

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