Updated Information from AEW All Out 2022 Fallout and Fights

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– As previously reported, a physical altercation took place backstage following last night’s AEW All Out event at the NOW Arena. During the post-show press conference, CM Punk went off on Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, and the EVPs of AEW (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega). This apparently later led to an alleged physical altercation between Punk and the Bucks. More details on the rumored fracas have now emerged from both Fightful Select and PWInsider.

EVPs Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) were still in the building during the press conference, and numerous people reportedly intervened during the alleged melee. It was initially reported by Wrestling Observer that Punk started the physical altercation by swinging fists at Matt Jackson. PWInsider’s account noted that no one who shared their accounts knew who threw the first punch.

PWInsider also noted that while Omega was present for the physical altercation between the Bucks and Punk, he did not get physical with Punk.

Both Fightful and PWInsider report that Punk’s former trainer and former NXT coach, Ace Steel (aka Chris Guy), also got physically involved during the incident. Steel previously joined AEW as a producer/coach a number of months ago. According to Fightful, Nick Jackson was either “rocked” or possibly “knocked out” during the brawl. This was rumored to be because Ace Steel threw a chair. Fightful also notes that Omega and Ace Steel got physical with each other during the quarrel, with Fightful reporting that Steel allegedly even went so far as to “bite” Omega and grab his hair.

According to PWInsider, Steel arrived at the altercation since his wife was in the vicinity. She may have been inside Punk’s locker room since she was watching Punk’s dog Larry during the show.

One person who is familiar with what took place told Fightful, “A lot of cursing, a lot of mayhem, and a lot of people not being willing to hash it out.”

Fightful noted that one of AEW’s coaches was said to have been “very torn up” over what took place last night. Several sources also told Fightful they think this incident could result in legal ramifications. Additionally, Fightful reports that Christopher Daniels and Pat Buck were also involved in the incident, but their involvement vary based on witnesses for the event. Several individuals reportedly attempted to de-escalate the incident.

Tony Khan was not present for the fight, since he was still answering questions during the media scrum. Talent who took part in the scrum after CM Punk reportedly were not aware of what he said or what was happening.

PWInsider’s account noted that AEW staff members and security tried to separate Punk’s side from The Elite’s. After they were separated, the two sides continued to yell and argue for a while before The Bucks and Omega left Punk’s locker room area.

PWInsider also notes that one of the Bucks was seen returning to the hotel last night with a black eye. Some people in the company are said to be backing The Elite due to Punk trashing them during the press conference, believing Punk’s comments were what incited the incident. Some are reportedly showing support for CM Punk, saying that it was wrong for The Elite to storm into his locker room, and putting Punk in a situation where he was “outnumbered,” making The Elite partially responsible for what took place.

Other sources wondered to PWInsider what will happen at AEW’s TV tapings this Wednesday as what happened involved the newly crowned AEW World Champion CM Punk, the company’s EVPs and Trios Champions (The Elite), and a producer (Ace Steel); all of whom are supposed to be leaders and examples of the company.

Additionally, it’s reported by PWInsider that The Bucks and Omega all left Chicago today. AEW is currently staying quiet on the matter. Sources informed PWInsider that the company is likely trying to see where the blame should go and looking into what course of action should be taken regarding the incident.

Also, PWInsider noted that FTR and Hangman Page were not present when the incident took place. They had already left the NOW Arena after the pay-per-view ended, since they were not scheduled for the media scrum. Hangman Page was also someone Punk slammed and insulted during the scrum, calling the former AEW World Champion an “empty-headed idiot.”

Some sources also showed sympathy for MJF, who had a big return last night to end AEW All Out. Per PWInsider, there were some who were sympathetic to MJF, believing that his angle and storyline for his return were overshadowed by the backstage drama following the event, noting that the incident has taken attention away from the whole pay-per-view show.

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