Velveteen Dream Arrested Again

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Photo Credit: WWE

Velveteen Dream was arrested twice in August, and it’s now known that the first incident came after the former WWE star attacked a gym employee in Orlando.

According to police documents obtained by TMZ, Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) was at Club Orlando on August 20 and got into a heated argument with one of the facility’s employees. The man told police he asked Clark to leave an area of the gym that was closed for cleaning, adding that Clark went off on him and became “irate and argumentative” before things escalated further.

Clark was asked to leave the building and he responded by threatening to kill the employee before hitting him in the face. The two began to fight at that point, and Clark bit him before they were separated by another employee at the gym. Police documents then explained that officers arrived at the scene and arrested Clark after they saw teeth marks on the employee’s chest near his left armpit.

Clark was charged with battery and trespassing on a property after warning for his role in the incident. This was his first arrest that week, as he was also arrested on August 26 on a warrant for a violation of probation by the Orlando Police Department.

Clark was transferred to a facility in Seminole County and is still in custody while he awaits a September 19 court hearing related to the second arrest.

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