Vince McMahon’s Retirement Affecting WWE Corporate?

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It is a time of change. WWE is in a huge transitional period at the moment as the company is under new control for the first time in nearly forty years. With the retirement of Vince McMahon from the company, WWE has a brand new way of looking at things and that has caused shifts up and down the card. It seems that it has also caused changes behind the scenes at the corporate level.

According to, McMahon’s retirement has had a positive impact on the culture at Titan Towers. Employees are no longer worried about McMahon getting angry at them and are able to have a better balance between their careers and personal lives. Slightly more personal conversations are now allowed as well, as McMahon had wanted the focus to be entirely on business at all times. Finally, the creative team’s stress has decreased as McMahon’s meetings with the group would be long and often begin hours later than planned. As a result, creative is free to work on storylines and plans rather than waiting.

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