Vince Russo Bashes Triple H Booking Decisions

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File Vince Russo down as someone who isn’t a fan of Triple H’s WWE.

Former WWE Head Writer, Vince Russo isn’t known to be one who minces words when talking about the current state of professional wrestling. While usually directing his attention toward other promotions, Russo has now blasted Triple H’s recent decisions since taking charge of WWE following the retirement of Vince McMahon.

Russo recently appeared on Sportskeeda’s Wrestling’s Legion of RAW and would bash ‘The Game’ and his recent booking since taking over the company:

You gotta ask yourself a question when you sit down to watch Monday Night RAW and what you gotta ask yourself is, is this show for me? And there’s a real easy way to answer that question. Look at your television set, wipe the crap out of your eyes. Look at the people on the aisle, look at the people on the ramp. Look at the people in the first five to 10 rows of this show. Are you one of those people? Are you one of those homeless marks?

Grown men who have convinced themselves that this crap is real. Because if you are one of them, then this show is for you. If you’re not, then it isn’t. That’s the barometer. That’s how you could tell if this crap show is for you.

Triple H is seemingly too busy worrying about Russo or any other naysayer as ‘The King of Kings’ is currently preparing WWE for their next major premium live event, Crown Jewel in November.

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