Why did WWE Have So Many Video Packages on Clash at the Castle

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Photo Credit: WWE

WWE is the biggest pro wrestling company in the world and due to this, they have to appease all of their investors and stockholders. They carry many television deals, which results in more commercials as well. That doesn’t mean every fan saw those commercials during WWE Clash at the Castle.

During Clash At The Castle, WWE ran several video packages throughout the show. Fans wondered why that was the case as well, because a couple of the video packages seemed out of place.

The reason WWE ran so many video packages has to do with filling time when Peacock has commercials. Those people who opt for the lower tier package on the streaming platform have commercial breaks to deal with.

The reason for the video packages on the broadcast is to fill time where Peacock has commercials.

WWE Clash at the Castle was a tremendous event that excited a ton of fans along the way. Only time will tell when they make it back to the UK for another big event, but this explanation of video packages should help clear up any future questions.

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