WWE Asuka Possessed

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Teaming with Alexa Bliss seems to be having an odd effect on Asuka.

The former “WWE Raw” Women’s Champion took to Twitter to share an image of her holding Alexa Bliss’s possessed doll Lily. The picture comes from a recent episode of “WWE Raw” where Asuka was seen holding or protecting the doll at the beginning of the match, and then towards the end being protected from a moonsault by Lily. The post has been met with a divisive reaction from fans.

“Oh no, Lily has Asuka,” one fan wrote in terror, while another fan asked if Asuka was “absorbing the power” of the cursed totem. Other fans bemoaned the creative direction of the popular WWE Superstar, saying she should be carrying titles instead of dolls. Another fan seemed to posit that being possessed by Lily could lead to callbacks from Asuka’s past, and posted photos from Asuka’s days as “Kana” during her time in Japan when the wrestler would occasionally don zombie and/or Joker-like makeup.

Lily is a possessed doll from Alexa Bliss’s days as the vessel for Bray Wyatt’s “Sister Abigail,” a part of the complicated lore of Bray Wyatt, The Firefly Funhouse, and The Fiend. Bliss has continued to carry the doll, and even interact with it, since Bray’s departure from the company in July 2021. Bliss has currently been teaming with Asuka, as well as WWE Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, as the trio feuds with the newly formed Damage CTRL, consisting of Bayley, Dakota Kai & IO SKY.

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