WWE Not Returning To TV-14 Anytime Soon

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WWE may not be going back to TV-14 after all.

There had been reports last month that WWE could be changing the TV ratings of their programs and reverting back to TV-14.

It would have allowed the company to have a more mature presentation and potentially reintroduced the use of blood on WWE programming.

However, according to latest reports from PWInsider, there are no current plans to change the company’s TV ratings. WWE programming on both Fox and USA Network is expected to remain TV-PG for the foreseeable future.

This is a disappointing news for fans who had been hoping that the return of TV-14 ratings could help the programming rejuvenate further after Triple H took over the control of WWE creative.

Even stars like The Undertaker approved this change. The Dead Man said that it will allow the company to return to the formulas of the Attitude Era and make shows much more interesting.

Eric Bischoff had noted how it may help the company regain some lapsed fans who tuned out because the product got too soft.

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